About us

Bäckerei & Konditorei Laube is a craft business in which we work for you according to the rules of the traditional bakery and confectionery trade. All our products come from our own bakery in Freital near Dresden. Our employees are qualified and experienced bakers and confectioners. They ensure the freshness, quality and variety of our products every day.

Our product range comprises more than 400 products. The bakery includes everything that is baked, such as breads, rolls, baguettes, cakes, tea cookies or puff pastries. Pastries are largely prepared cold. These include cakes, fruit slices, desserts, petit fours and eclairs.

You will find our stores in the greater Dresden area. Find out more in our
branch overview
where you can find our branches. In addition to store sales, we also offer snacks, coffee and snacks in most stores. We particularly recommend a visit to one of our cafés, where you can taste the quality and variety of our range over a cup of coffee.


Bäckerei Laube GmbH und Co. KG

Güterbahnhofstraße 1
01705 Freital

Tel.: 0351/649610 Fax:0351/6496130 E-Mail: info@baeckerei-laube.de